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Cages for Tiels, Lovies & Quakers

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Under construction so please be patient with me. From what I can see, the form is adding shipping. This is not actuate!!! Please wait for my quote before making any payment. You can email with any questions.

This is the smallest cage that I would recommend for Lovebirds. The cage and stand both are White.
A swing, 2 perches, 2 food dishes with covers are also included with each cage.

Cage 11764c $60.00 Discontinued Stand 16184s $35.00 Add to cart

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Cage 12424c $50.00 Add to cart

Stand 16224s $35.00 Out of Stock

Both come with 2 perches and 2 food dishes.
Cage 13024c $55.00 Discontinued

Stand 16238s $47.00 Add to cart

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I like these cages for all the species that I breed as a daily cage. As a breeder cage I think they're good for Tiels or Lovebirds but are a bit short for Quakers. Make sure to have nest box hang on the outside of the cage.

I use both sizes for quarantine and baby cages. I like the width rather then the height. It gives babies more room to play on the bottom and less space to fall when they are learning to climb.

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