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Masked Lovebirds Breeding Partnership

Partners with Masked birds, adult and babies available For Sale or Trade







New Jersey

New York


  • Chris & Paula Solimene : Williamsburg
  • Kathy Vozzo : Chesapeake
  • Wisconsin

    Green Masked Blue Masked Photos by: Kathy Greaser of KG Kat Aviary.

    Green Masked: Trouble & Nova
    Blue Masked: Dolly

    Cobalt Masked Slate Masked Babies Photos by: Deb Sandige of Love Nest Aviary

    Cobalt Masked aka Med Blue (which is a bird with one dark factor)
    Slate Masked aka Dark Blue (is a bird with 2 dark factors)

    Green  Green Photo by: Kathy Vozzo of KLM Aviary. Yellowest baby is a green dilute and the other is a green /dilute.


    Note:  Bird Clubs of America promotes responsible breeding to keep the species "pure" to preserve each individual species of lovebird for future generations.  It has no objection to Directors or Partners working with mutations, but prefers counting only the “nominate” species for the BCA Partnerships.

    Last Update 4/12/2003