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Peachface Lovebirds Breeding Partnership

Partners with Peachface birds, adult and babies available For Sale or Trade








New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Normal Peachface    Double Dark Blue Photos by:
Kathy Greaser of KG Kat Aviary.

Juno, A normal green
Slate, a double dark blue

Olive Orangeface  Lutino 1st Photo by: Chris Rutt
An olive orange face also known as a dark orange face.

2nd Photo by: Kathy Heaton
(L. to R.) normal lutino, orangeface lutino, creamino

Creamino & Dutch Blue  A pied,
dutch blue and ornage face Photos by:
Kathy Greaser of KG Kat Aviary.

Prince & Hera, A dutch blue & a cobalt creamino ( Med. blue lutino)
Soda, Dutchy, Momba, A pied, dutch blue & an orange face

green Australian splitcinnamonino  pied splitcinnamonino Photos by: Kathy Heaton
Cowboy, a green series Australian splitcinnamonino, and two of his chicks. A pied splitcinnamonino. You can tell he's pied by the low, wavy forehead band.
Tara  Blue Pied Photos by:
Kathy Greaser of KG Kat Aviary.

Tara, a blue pied raised by Kathy Greaser owned by Richard & Joanne Derring of Chesapeake, Va.

  Photos by:
Kathy Greaser of KG Kat Aviary

Orangefaces, & a dutch blue
Pepsi, an American Blue Cinnamon

    Photos by: Kathy Greaser of KG Kat Aviary
Whiteface violet owned by Kathy Vozzo of Chesapeake, Va.
2nd Photo by: Kathy Heaton
Yellowface creamino
  Photos by: Royan Webb

8 wk old Australian opaline babies taken Jan. 15, 00
6 month old normal opaline


Note:  Bird Clubs of America promotes responsible breeding to keep the species "pure" to preserve each individual species of lovebird for future generations.  It has no objection to Directors or Partners working with mutations, but prefers counting only the “nominate” species for the BCA Partnerships.

Last update 1/24/2006